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The Workers’ Compensation Act in Virginia focuses heavily on the interests of the employer and its insurance company so consulting an attorney that is highly-skilled in Workers’ Compensation law is critical to winning your case. The experienced attorneys at Jessee, Read & Howard, P. C. will guide you through every step of the Workers’ Compensation process.


Injuries that occur to workers in Virginia must occur doing a specific act that is associated with or in the course of your employment such as lifting, falling or being hit. Gradual, repetitive or cumulative injuries that happen over time are not normally compensated in Virginia, nor are injuries that occur when performing actions that are common outside of work such as bending, sitting, or standing.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Falling from ladders
  • Concussion, falling on head
  • Construction injuries
  • Injuries caused by vehicles or heavy equipment
  • Forklift accidents
  • Exposure to disease
  • Slipping and falling on ice or wet floors
  • Doctors and nurses injured by patients


An injury/accident must be reported to the employer within thirty days to be eligible for workers’ compensation, unless there is a justified reason for not doing so. The most common reason for not reporting an injury is a belief that the injury was minor and would simply go away.

Medical Treatment

An employer has the option of providing a panel of three or more physicians from whom you may seek treatment when your injury is reported. If your employer does not offer a panel, or the employer denies the claim, you may seek treatment with a physician of your choice.

Keep the following in mind:

  • If a panel of physicians IS offered and the employee chooses treatment from a physician not on the panel, the employer IS NOT responsible for payment of the treatment.
  • An employee must be offered the panel of physicians when the injury is reported, not after treatment with an employee-chosen doctor has already begun. Once an authorized treating physician is established, all reasonable and necessary treatment related to your work accident from that physician, and all referrals, will be the responsibility of your employer.

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